Why You Need An eNewsletter

An eNewsletter is an email that you periodically send to your subscribers list to keep them up to date on news regarding your business.

When it comes to traffic and outreach, your email subscribers list will be one of your biggest assets as a business owner. This is because your email list is basically a distilled congregation of your most high value customers.

Think about it like your own fan club, where subscribers can join to get the inside scoop on latest news, products, giveaways, and content from your business. We will go more into detail about the advantages of having your own newsletter, tips for writing an engaging email, and getting the most out of your enewsletter.


Benefits of an eNewsletter:

Increase Brand Visibility

Your newsletter will be yet another outlet to reach out to your followers base and pull in more sales. It’s like getting all the juice out of a lemon. When you make a post on instagram, not all of your followers are guaranteed to see it, so sending out an email newsletter to announce a new product drop is a great way to reach out to others who are interested who may not have seen your post on Insta.

Engage Customers with Brand Specific Content

In addition to being a frequent reminder of your brand, emails are more engaging than a simple one photo post, because they have the potential to include many unique elements of your brand embedded in them, like specific color palettes, fonts and images. 

Increase Website Traffic

Readers interested in learning more can click to your site at any point in the reading process through carefully placed links. This means that you are pulling more people onto your website, and making more sales.

Increase Loyalty and Retention

The only way to get a list of emails is to have them voluntarily sign up. So by signing up, they are showing that they are more interested in what your business offers than any of your other followers or customers. In this way, by building up a subscriber list you are increasing your customer loyalty and retention. 

Generate Stability and Passive Income Source

The biggest benefit of all is that your email newsletter is YOUR platform to market to your most loyal clients on your time, your terms, and for FREE. Nobody can take your followers away from you, and you are not at the whims of volatile social media algorithms or costly ad spaces. If social media and paid advertising is BORROWED traffic, then your newsletter is OWNED traffic. Growing your email list is a surefire way to brand stability and passive income. 

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Types of eNewsletters

You may be wondering what an email newsletter looks like, or forms of content worth sharing to your email audience. Luckily there are so many things that you can share through email that you will never run out of content ideas. The most common types of newsletters are:

  • New articles, videos, podcasts, or content uploaded onto your site or channels.
  • Tips and tricks for getting the most use out of your products.
  • Tutorials for using your products.
  • Updates, shop openings and closings, holidays
  • Personalized birthday messages with a discount included.
  • Complementary Products, discount codes, or giveaway opportunities.
  • Exclusive content and access to products before everyone else.
  • Infographics
  • Welcome Series emails

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Tips For Writing An Effective eNewsletter

Write A Great Subject Line

The best emails are personalized, with a name if possible. Remember that an email is a more intimate form of contacting someone, much like sending them a handwritten letter like in the good ol’ days. So a personalized subject line is the best way to get readers to click open. If you can’t do that, think of your subject as the headline of an article. You should include the most important part of the email in this space. Most of the time the most important part is a customer benefit. 

Include Links To Your Website

Throughout your email, links to products should be dispersed everywhere a customer might be tempted to click, and at many points in the reading process so that getting to your site is as easy as possible for them. So instead of simply putting one at the very beginning or end, include one after every paragraph, and within every picture, so they can opt in at any time throughout the email.
Design an eye-catching template 

We are fortunate to live in a time where design skills are not necessary for creating engaging and unique content. Websites like Mailchimp and Canva make it really easy to customize pre-made templates that are proven to get high click through rates.

Including the Option To Opt-Out

It is common courtesy to give your subscribers the option to opt-out at the bottom of every email newsletter to maintain mutual respect and trust. It can be considered rude if you leave this out.

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Getting The Most Out Of Your eNewsletter: 

Use Automation Tools – Mailchimp, Aweber, Klaviyo

We have already mentioned Mailchimp, but Aweber and Klaviyo are also some popular autoresponders. They are basically email automation tools that can send email campaigns automatically whenever someone takes a certain action like signing up to your newsletter. Some common email campaigns include: a welcome series, happy birthday emails, or leftover carts emails. These websites are great for their campaign services, email templates, and email segmentation.

Personalized Content

Customers want emails that are relevant to their interests. This is where email segmentation comes into play. Email segmentation is the act of dividing your followers into several categories based on interests or demographics. That way you can send emails to specific groups that may be interested in a particular product. 

Offer Exclusive Offers and Discounts 

For your subscribers, being a part of your tribe should include some perks. Maybe your subscribers get early access to a product or content. Or maybe they get a special discount on their birthday.

Measure and Track Results

A/B testing is also known as split testing. This is a strategy where you divide your following into groups and send them variations of a campaign and replicate the campaign that shows more success. Knowing these techniques is very important for finding the perfect system for writing effective email campaigns.


Your enewsletter is a great investment for building a stable voice to communicate with your customers, and increasing customer loyalty and retention. The greatest benefits of having your own email newsletter is the free advertising capabilities and the ROI. Your e newsletters should always include a

great subject line, eye catching design, and links back to your site. Automation tools like Mailchimp can assist you in automating your emails, segmenting your audience, and tracking your results. Need help getting started? We can help you write newsletters, build your audience, and get you started with email campaigning. Email Atlas Vision today to get your eNewsletter journey started!

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