A Website Copywriter – Why You Need One

Stand Out & Be Profitable With Web Copy

One common pain point among new e-commerce websites is that they might be getting organic traffic, or even paying for ads but getting no sales. All that time spent building the website, trying to gain followers, all the effort just for zero sales. You might need a website copywriter.

It’s not just for new businesses however, it’s for all websites. Traffic is just one component to online success, another one that ties into it, is conversion optimization. Web copy is what’s going to make someone intrigued with your brand, resonate with them, and ultimately build a sense of trust. The result is visitors considering spending their hard earned dollars with you.

trust is essential for commerce. Girl making a purchase at a shop.

It’s mind-blowing to think that you could double your income (without bringing more website traffic) by merely doubling your conversion rate from 1% to 2%. Website copywriting can certainly help you accomplish this.

Here’s more of what it can do:

  • Helps to establish your unique selling proposition which is what makes a brand special.
  • Helps to identify your target audience so they feel like this is the exact product or service they’ve been looking for.
  • Helps to stand out in the market by clearly stating your value proposition, basically what’s in it for them (your potential customers)
  • Builds trust among site visitors because people need to like & trust you before they buy from you.
  • Can help with search engine optimization which means higher rankings & getting your website found on Google.
  • Can generate more sign ups for your enewsletter which helps your overall marketing efforts.
  • Can generate more sales & bigger profits overall!


Copywriter vs Writer – The Difference?

Both can tell a story, both can write creatively, both can put words on paper, so where do we draw the distinction? You might think that a writer is a writer & any will do, but you have to remember that we’re talking about commerce.

The difference between a copywriter & writer, is that the copywriter is also a marketer.
Whereas a creative writer might be good at crafting a story & developing characters, a copywriter writes to compel readers to take action. Copywriting is about getting results & is market driven, meaning it’s guided by commercial considerations.

website copywriter is about marketing

If you need your product or service to stand out in the marketplace, gain more newsletter subscribers, or even have a biography written about the people in your organization – Consider hiring a website copywriter. Web copywriting encompasses home pages, product pages, sales pages, e-mails, promotional content, advertisements, and more!


How Much Do Web Copywriters Charge?

You can find copywriters charging anywhere from hourly, by the day, by the project, on monthly retainers, and even on a value basis. Some things that can affect the prices include the time the writer has been in business, additional marketing skills they have, the level of clients they work with (small vs big organizations), and proven results meaning they can bring to your website or sales.

The results of their work are important & should be considered.
Does the copywriter have a track record of improving websites? Increasing sales? And by how much? Marketing that can be tracked & measured is smart marketing. Be sure to look out for stats & consider the ROI versus hiring solely based on cosmetics like a pretty website.

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Some real world examples of what a copywriter can charge can be found here on AWAI (American Writers & Artists Institute). Check it out for more insights on what goes into the pricing of such contract work. We also have our own prices you can check out in our Atlas Vision Shop where we offer marketing packages for e-commerce, many of which include copywriting.


Copywriting & SEO – A Strategic Approach

When it comes to commerce, creative writing is good, creative copywriting is even better, but if you want to maximize the results of your efforts, SEO copywriting is the way to go. This is a more strategic approach to writing that not only yields quick results by compelling action, but will set you up for long-term benefits of increased traffic & search visibility. It’s not enough to hire a writer, or even a copywriter for websites – SEO is a skill that can stack & knock out more birds with one stone.

With copywriting you’re already presenting your brand as more unique, professional or “put-together”, and likely you’re also landing more sales. When you add keyword research & implement SEO, you add a whole new set of benefits that are working behind the scenes.

digital web property that increases in value over time. stock market on laptop

With SEO copywriting you add the ability to start ranking higher on Google, you start to gain organic traffic instead of paying for it, and overall increase your presence so more people can find you online. Best of all though, is that the more optimized content you add to your website, the stronger the effects become. Your website turns into a digital property that keeps on increasing in value over time.



Copywriter Website Examples

We have one personal example where website copywriting was implemented. We not only added creative writing but also enhanced it with some SEO keyword research. The results were a more personable website, increased traffic, and even increased the number of subscribers to the email list.

You can find the full details & stats in our case study for Kaotic Artworks. We crafted a full “About Us” page representing the values & outlook of the brand to help build trust among its visitors. The same was done to the homepage which was also re-structured, written content was added, and now helped identify the ideal customer.

kaotic artworks resin art materials logo

SEO content writing was also implemented to create a blog with x4 articles to start with. Over the course of 30 days, these generated over 50k search impressions. That’s not something you get included with plain ol writing & we’re booked to increase the number of articles to get even better results. All of this was part of our Parthenon Package which we offer in our web store.


Where To Hire An SEO Copywriter For Websites

If you’re looking to hire a copywriter for your website, why not choose one that’s also run a successful e-commerce business for 8 years. We grew our Iron Age Guitar Accessories brand on SEO content writing, on writing creative descriptions, and implementing the marketing techniques that we preach.

In 2022 alone we crafted dozens of articles for our brand which generated over 1 million impressions & 21 thousand clicks. Business steadily comes in & we don’t have to worry about constantly updating our social media due to the changing algorithms or endlessly tweaking our advertising campaigns. We can help bring similar results to you.

Atlas Vision - Iron Age Guitar Accessories - Alex Emma Freelance Copywriters Guitar Ecommerce

If you have questions about implementing copywriting for your website, seo content articles, or building out your email list, you can contact us here.
We also offer pre-packaged services in our Atlas shop area which can help boost traffic, convert more visitors into buyers, & retain more happy customers.

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