Why You Get Traffic But No Sales

As e-commerce entrepreneurs, we’ve all been there. Those dreaded times where you seem to be finally attracting visitors to your website, but NOBODY is buying anything! Traffic but no sales – This frustrating feeling can be exacerbated further if you’re paying big bucks for traffic through ads. We’ll show you how to fix this issue in this article, but first…

Buying ads early on is quite frankly, out of sequence. You need to have already acquired proof of concept, need to already be making sales through organic means, & need to have your website optimized before pouring paid traffic into your sales funnel. If you haven’t done any of these things you’re in for a bad time, as it’s reminiscent of trying to fill a bucket with a bunch of holes in it.

ecommerce traffic but no sales

So What’s The Fix?

Plainly stated, your website isn’t optimized for conversions. This optimization doesn’t take form in a single process or event however, there’s a lot of different topic areas that go into it. First and foremost, you need to build trust with your visitors. If your website doesn’t instill confidence in the buyer, they will simply leave & that can be a costly mistake for advertisers.

Tips To Optimize For Conversions

As mentioned, the magic word for your ailments is TRUST.
You need to build trust & credibility for yourself & make it easy for people to buy from you.
Keep in mind, there is no magic app you need to install for this, or a snippet of code to insert into your website that will fix the issue – It’s an all-encompassing strategy that ALL e-commerce businesses need to undertake at some point. Here’s a few tips on what you can do to improve your conversion rates so you can turn visitors into buyers & get your business moving!

reality vs expectation ecommerce

  • Quality Images – Nothing says low quality like pixelated images or a manufacturer’s stock photo (looking at you dropshippers). Make sure you have high quality images not just on your homepage, but also product pages, category pages, etc.
  • Copywriting – Another thing we often see is bare-bones websites that have 0 content on their homepages other than a couple of images. You need to make sure that there’s plenty of relevant written content on your website, it needs copywriting. This means actually describing the who, what, where, and why you do what you do.
  • Credibility – Make sure to add testimonials or partners you work with on your homepage & reviews on your product pages. This is social proof that others have purchased with you and have found your products or services valuable. If you don’t have any reviews, consider offering the product at a discount or free in exchange. Consider it a cost of doing business & a better ROI than buying ad space for an unoptimized site.
  • Contact Info – Be sure to have your contact information easily accessible on your website. This is another trust factor that buyers look for in case there’s anything wrong with their order or if they have a question about a product they are considering buying.
  • About Us – This is another one related to website copywriting. Be sure to take some time & think about how your products or service benefits your audience. This page is very important & a chance to sell people on your brand values, your vision, & what you stand for. Make this page a genuine showcase of your company, even if it’s just you! Stay away from corporate talk & be sure to add a photo of you or your team.
  • Product Description – More Copywriting! Starting to see how much writing is required? You need to take the time or hire someone to copywrite decent product descriptions. Don’t use generic feature-based descriptions from the supplier if you’re doing something like dropshipping or selling white label products. These descriptions need to be thoughtful & enticing to your target audience – Biggest tip is to focus on the product benefits (not the features!).
  • Payment Processors – Include the most popular payment processors for your checkout. If you’re on Shopify, don’t just offer PayPal, add Shopify payments to also accept credit cards. You want to get paid don’t you? Also offer other options such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, & payment plans for the larger ticket items.
  • Test Your Checkout Process – Before going live, be sure to make a test purchase to find out if there are any issues with your cart system. Also consider removing any unnecessary input fields to make the checkout easier.


So that’s how you solve the “traffic but no sales” issue. You need to cultivate trust & credibility by building a professional website. Loading up a website template & adding generic photos or descriptions just isn’t going to cut it. Pouring hundreds of dollars on ad spend isn’t going to fix it either.

People don’t buy from you because they don’t know you, they haven’t had a chance to like you, & they don’t trust you yet. The adage is people buy from those they know, like, and trust.

people buy from those they know like and trust

Final word: As we saw in the optimization tips, there’s quite a bit of writing involved. You need to be able to clearly communicate your brand values, your products, who your ideal customer is, you need to write good ads, blogs, emails, on & on.

If you’re not a writer, it can be a daunting task that will definitely take some learning. All of this type of writing is the exact thing we specialize in – SEO optimized content & copywriting for e-commerce.

If you need help getting your web copy in top shape, in a way that demonstrates your brand values, & builds trust then consider shooting us a message. We’ll save you time, effort, and get it done right so you can focus on doing what you love most within your business.
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