Services & Fees Overview

Taking on more clients & showing them the experience of a lifetime is easier said than done.
The marketing journey can have rough & uncertain terrain but if you’re willing to climb & try new paths forward,
you too can reach the summit & discover a new vantage.

Copywriting & SEO in most cases is a slow burn process.
It can be a long arduous journey but patience yields long-lasting rewards.
And with a calculated strategy & a clear path forward, you can get closer to the top of the search results– And stay there.

Persuasive writing (Copywriting) isn’t just a long-term path though.
It can also yield instant results in the case of sales letters, homepage optimizations, & calls to action.
Simply stated, if you don’t ask, you don’t receive.
It’s all about resonating with your audience, generating interest & desire, and then inspiring action.
What’s the bottom line? More clients choosing your offers AND then coming back for more!

As a Bonus
Copywriting is the backbone to any marketing campaign.
These are persuasive techniques that can be applied anywhere where there is text such as:

  • On your homepage
  • In your emails
  • Landing pages, blogs, articles
  • Product or service pages
  • the list goes on

and even builds towards strengthening your search engine optimization.
With dozens of marketing channels out there, this one covers the most ground & is universal.
This saves you time & maximizes your marketing effortsThat’s efficiency!

seo content writing services summit atlas vision

Sounds like something you need for your business? Want to deliver the ultimate experience for your clients?
Let us help you to set the bar high for them by clearly stating what’s in it for them.
We’ll craft the perfect appeal that hooks emotionally, is researched & thoughtfully written,
AND boosts your opt-ins like clockwork. Everybody WINS.

Take a look at some of the services offered below or skip to the bottom & let us know all about your situation.
We’ll be happy to take on the journey with you, discover your new marketing vantage, & scale the summit.

Marketing via Copywriting is long term strategy & short term tactics combined.
It’s an investment for organic growth & a driver of instant results that will set you apart from the rest.

It can also be used efficiently across multiple marketing channels saving you time & effort while generating sales around the clock.
Stand out from the crowd & discover your new vantage point today!

Range of Markets


We have 8 years experience in one of the fastest growing industries today. If you have products or services to sell online, we can help you optimize your marketing messages for more conversions & position your brand in a way that stands out from the pack. 

Guitars & Music

Our focus goes deeper into music & we specialize in guitar products ranging from boutique instruments, to FX pedals, straps, & other guitar accessories. We can work on other instruments, related electronics, and even training programs.

Copywriting & Marketing Services

E-Mail Newsletters & Sequences

With an average ROI of $36 for every $1 spent (2022 Hubspot), persuasive emails present a significant opportunity for growth.

Homepage & Website Copy

Copywriting is foundational when it comes to marketing. It's both what you say & how you say it which moves prospects into buyers.

Marketing Consultation

We give you the birds-eye perspective on your operations, brainstorm ideas, & strategize to find the one true path forward.

Product & Service Descriptions

We identify what's most unique about your offer then implement persuasive writing to boost its appeal, set consumer expectations, & sell the experience.

SEO Optimized Blog Articles

Well-written & researched articles can position you as the expert in your niche, build your site's authority, & cultivate organic traffic that grows with time.

Plus More!

Persuasive writing (copywriting) techniques are something that can be applied anywhere there is text & work across your various marketing channels.

Fee Estimates & Process Overview

Below you will find ballpark numbers on some of our services.
The total cost will depend on factors such as research required, length or word count, relevancy, and search engine optimization.
If you have any questions questions or concerns, feel free to send us an email

SEO Content Writing

This type of content builds your website’s authority in the eyes of Google & helps position you as the trusted expert to your prospects.
We take a double-edged approach & integrate SEO research into our articles to maximize their effectiveness. There’s no use in having articles written that will miss out on this big piece of the marketing puzzle. For this reason alone, we recommend against traditional content writers who are not versed in marketing, nor technical skills like search engine optimization. Here’s a few estimates when it comes to our SEO Content Writing Services.
Fees based on American Writers & Artists Institute industry report.

  • SEO Optimized Blog Article 600-1200/1200-2000 Words- $300/$450
    • Build trust & authority while attracting organic visitors to your site
    • More content (digital assets) on your site means more opportunities to be discovered
    • Researched topics, written in native English (No outsourcing!) – Written for BOTH search engines & real people!
  • Product or Services Pages – $150 (Existing Page) – $550 (New Page)
    • Maximize conversions with persuasive writing & optimal search potential
    • Lays out benefits in enticing manner while addressing anxieties or objections
    • We sell the experience (not just mention it!) by using specificity, facts & figures, testimonials, & more!
  • Homepage Optimization – $1500
    • Identify growth points with the highest ROI saving your time & maximizing impact
    • Focused on user experience w/ SEO underpinnings that benefit your whole site
    • Includes a freshly written version of your homepage to add some marketing punch where it matters most!

Sales Materials

These content pieces are the backbone of any business.
They’re what bring in the revenue & are crucial to persuading prospects throughout your sales process.
Pieces such as an email series, product pages, or lead generation materials can be seen as investments or the goose that lays the golden eggs.
This allows us to lock in the perfect sales approach & the right marketing message so you can run the content 24/7 – 365.
What you have now is essentially a “set & forget” digital salesman that pitches, persuades, & converts prospects on your behalf like clockwork.

  • E-mail Series – $150/email or $400 (3-Piece Sequence) 
    • Sold individually or as a series (welcome, cart abandonment, post sale, etc)
    • Drive traffic, bring back prospects, & close more sales on autopilot
    • Newsletter set-up available if you don’t have one in place (and are missing out!)

Other Marketing Services

  • Marketing Consultation – 100/hr or Cost Per Project
    • 8 years business experience building e-commerce from the ground up
    • Get a top-down, birds-eye-view to uncover new growth opportunities
    • Develop tactics & strategies or optimize your systems.


These are our general estimates for the services we offer.
If you have any questions regarding listed here or beyond the scope, contact us below.
As far as payments, we handle our invoicing & transactions through PayPal.

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