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If you’re not a fan of constantly doing cold outreach to gain new clients & if you prefer for leads to come to you instead, then content marketing is something you might want to consider. Content marketing is a type of inbound marketing, meaning it attracts prospects who are looking for valuable information that you are able to provide. This valuable information can come in the form of well-written blog posts, infographics, educational or entertaining videos, and all sorts of social media. SEO Content writing services basically combine two inbound marketing techniques: search engine optimization & content marketing.

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When it comes to SEO Content writing, you first need to research low competition keywords with the highest traffic potential. Next an article has to be written with that keyword in mind & then optimized to meet certain on-page SEO criteria. If you do it right, you can start gaining traction, higher rankings for those keywords, & increasing traffic over time (it builds momentum). Speaking of time, SEO content is a strategy, not a tactic. This does take time to see a result – at least 3 months but could be more towards of 6-9 months if your site has low traffic & authority to begin with. Still it’s a great option for those who want stability & a strong business foundation for their future self.

Key Benefits

So what does inbound marketing, or in this case, SEO content writing bring to the table? It sounds like it’s a very slow moving & passive way to build a business. However great things can come to those who wait, & especially those who can keep consistency. Here’s a few of the benefits of implementing content writing into your marketing strategy.

Increases Organic Search Traffic

Just a couple of blogs can kickstart the amount of words you can rank for in the search engine result pages (SERPs). However the blog traffic builds upon itself & gains momentum over time, especially when an internal linking strategy is put in place to connect your articles together. With increasing organic traffic, you won’t have to constantly pour money into advertisements if they’re not working, nor will you have to try to outpace & appease the social media algorithms. You can think of SEO content articles as digital assets that will gain value over time.

Attracts Leads & Prospects

As mentioned previously, this type of marketing is attractive. It brings qualified leads to you. If your content is good, meaning it’s well written, engaging, & provides valuable information to your ideal customer, it’s a win-win for both parties. And because it’s tailored to your ideal customer, you’re more likely to gain qualified traffic & leads around the clock.

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Provides Valuable Info To Your Prospects

As mentioned in the previous point, it’s about value to your prospects & customers. Content can also be used to provide instructional content or alternate ways of using the product or service you’re selling. To name a few, you can showcase how other customers are using the product, which builds trust & social proof. You can give insights into the industry, what to look out for, and why your product is the optimal choice among competitors. You can also provide tips & tricks on using the product which makes for an even better experience for those who have already made a purchase, which enhances brand loyalty. Plus so much more!

Increase Online Presence & Authority

The more traffic you can bring to your site & the more keywords you rank for, the higher the likelihood people will see your articles & want to link to them. This will increase your domain authority & further expound the power of your website. Over time, not only will you have site authority in terms of SEO, but also be seen as a trusted expert in your niche who people can go to when seeking answers to their problems.

Who Needs It

Everyone needs it, and as the common saying goes, content is king.
If you’re just starting out with your business & your idea has been validated by the market with upward trends, this is for you. Content marketing is absolutely foundational & will only gain value over time. You’ll want to get at least 6 researched & well-written articles under your belt to kickstart passive lead generation for your business.

If you’re already established & make a living off your business, this is also for you.
Content marketing opens up a new marketing channel for you to gain not only traffic, but more sales by adding discount codes to promote certain products to your readers. You can also leverage this marketing channel to flow into your email strategy (which is also a must!) by capturing more subscribers who you can then directly contact.
Finally, with a lack of SEO optimized content, it can be easier for a new competitor to come in & start to outrank you in the search engine results.

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Content marketing is for everyone in the digital information age.
If you’re serious about your business & building a strong reputation online, definitely consider adding this to your marketing mix. It’s a long term strategy that grows stronger over time & can bring a sense of stability to your business via a constant flow of prospects. The keyword here is building digital assets.

How To Do It Yourself

It can save you a lot of time & in some cases, provide a higher return on investment if you just hire this task out to a professional SEO content writer. If your revenue is tied up elsewhere though, or if you’re more DIY-minded, you can certainly do this yourself. Here’s a quick rundown of how to do it & start building seo-optimized content.

Keyword Research

This is the most important step. You want to use a keyword research tool, of which there are many online. What you’re looking for is terms that your prospects would be searching for that are in context with your business. However you need to go after the low hanging fruit as they will bring you the highest ROI. This means looking for keywords with a low competition & the most monthly search volumes. Higher search volume keywords might seem attractive but if they have high competition, it’s unlikely you will be able to break into the top page of google until you build up your website’s overall authority. Here’s some free keyword research tools to get you started: Ahrefs Keyword Tool & Hoth Keyword Tool

Organize & Outline

Next you want to do your research on the topic, and even if you already know about it, it doesn’t hurt to find some reputable reference points to include in your article. This next step is also crucial to making the article easier to write. What you want to do is organize your thoughts about the topic & create an outline. You can do this by creating the headers for the major points or benefits you want to cover, then adding bullet points about those sub-topics. This way you can simply write as you speak about the points as you go along & the outline will keep you from rambling on about unrelated themes. It will provide structure & also make information easier to find on your article.

Basic Requirements

You will want to have an introduction, a couple main points about the topic, and a conclusion or call to action at the end of your article. Apart from this basic groundwork, we recommend having at least 600 words to get started but 1,000 words is a safe bet, with 1500-2000 words being a sweet spot for pages ranking on the first page of google. Here’s an article that goes in-depth on word count alone. 

Next we recommend running your article through a free seo checker tool like Yoast or SEO Review Tools. This will bring your content up to speed to maximize its ranking potential.
Take a look for yourself & you’ll see what other specifications are being considered for ranking such as keyword density, keyword placement, and other factors. If you want to be in tip-top shape, consider running your finished article through 2 or more checkers since they can target different analysis points. You want to be in the green, & if you’re doing this, you’ll be outdoing 80% of the content out there & don’t forget to fill in your meta tags for your article!

Final Consideration

Last but certainly not least, you don’t need to have a literature degree or authorization from anyone to do this.
You just need personal experience, your own insights, & it helps to have researched reference points. You can simply write as you talk, share what you know, & share your own unique perspective!

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Where To Find SEO Content Writing Services

If you’re short on time (as many business owners are) but have the resources to invest, it can be wise to outsource this task while you focus on more urgent matters of your business.

Just remember that there is a difference between regular content writing which can be informative or creative, and seo optimized content which can be that too, but is intended to rank you higher in the search engines. You’ll want to rank higher if you want to boost your website’s authority, online presence, & attract an increasing number of passive leads over time.


If you are looking for SEO content writing services, look no further than Atlas Vision. This is what we do & if you found this article useful, we can create something similar for your website. We don’t just do creative or persuasive writing, we write to ultimately bring you more signups, more sales, & open up avenues for the future growth of your business. We write digital assets.
Contact us here to get in touch & discuss a content strategy for you.

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