How To Write An About Us Page

What Is An About Us Page?

In the world of e-commerce, we don’t have the traditional advantage of meeting with our clients face to face. This can make getting noticed, remembered, and earning prospects’ trust difficult. Luckily, your website’s About Us Page is your opportunity to show your visitors that you are more than just some website but a trust-worthy and understanding company that will help them achieve their desired outcomes. 

Because buyers only like to purchase from people that they know and trust, connecting with your audience is the most important part of your about us page. Besides that, your About Us page will also be your chance to showcase your skills, expertise, and brand values.

How To Write An About Us Page

Make Your About Us Page About Them!

While voicing your strengths is important, explaining the value that your product can bring to others is just as important.

Believe it or not, your about us page is not about you. 

Well, not completely

Many forget that the about us page is also a sales page. The following are ways to keep your client front and center:

Keep Your Ideal Customer In Mind

When writing your sales page, remember to keep your ideal customer in mind. Be descriptive when stating exactly who your products or services are for. 

For example, if your business is restoring vintage guitars, you can say that your services are for experienced musicians who love jammin’ to the classics like jazz, blues, and rock n’ roll. Those who can relate to those parameters will be pleased that they found the perfect shop for them!

Get Personal

Throughout your text, be sure to always speak directly to the reader. Use words like “you” and “your” to single them out. This allows them to envision themselves using your products, and helps them to feel valued. 

Speaking of values, when you aim your message directly to your customer, you must also consider what it is that they value. Using the guitar restoration example, maybe your target audience values higher quality, vintage tones, and traditional styles of music. Declare how you also pride yourself on those things and how your business always makes a point to fulfill the buyers specific needs.

You could say for example, “At Jack’s Guitar Shop, we believe guitars sound better the old fashioned way. That’s why our luthiers have decades of experience with vintage style guitars, and we have a vast selection of retro humbuckers on site. Our mission is to bring life back into your old Fender, Gretsch, or Gibson so you and your favorite guitar can be back on stage in no time!”

Include A CTA

Every page on your website should include a Call To Action of some sort, and your About Us page is no exception to this rule. Your About Us page is a great opportunity to ask your readers to join your newsletter. This is so that they become members of your ecosystem, and will see more of your brand in the future. You can say something along the lines of… “Wanna gain access to exclusive tips, tricks, and discounted items? Become a part of the crew and subscribe to our newsletter!” 

eNewsletters are an essential asset to all businesses because of their high customer retention and ROI, to learn more about this read our article Why You Need An eNewsletter.

About Us Page

Showcase Your Expertise

If you want to stand out against your competitors, you need to position yourself as the expert. 

Including Facts And Data

When it comes to logical decision making, numbers and charts are important. If you can use facts and figures to prove that your product or service really works, you are sure to win over the rational thinkers. A great way to display your data is through an infographic. You can find customizable templates for these on Canva or Adobe Express. 

Showcase Your Achievements

Maybe your company doesn’t have any data to display. That’s okay too. Another way to establish credibility among your customers is to talk about your experience in the industry, tell about awards you may have won, or share about articles that you have been featured in. 

A nice way to display your company’s history is to add an engaging company timeline. This is where you can showcase your personal achievements and milestones to your success!

About Us

Your Unique Selling Proposition

Showing off your data charts and certificates isn’t the only way to get buyers to trust you. Making appeals to the emotional mind is also a great way to get on the good side of others. 

We can do this by showcasing your Unique Selling Proposition

Basically, your Unique Selling Proposition is an underlying principle that defines your business and that you take pride in. It’s what makes you, you! Sharing these things in your About Us Page will help your buyers get to know the real you:

Your Story

How did you get into your industry? Did you have a problem that you had to overcome, and now you want to help others like you? Sharing your story is a great way to get readers to relate and empathize with you and your history. You can even be inspiring to them.

Now is a good time to share those personal hobbies and passions that define how you do your business. 

Use Your Unique Voice

When writing your about us page, it is okay to take on a more casual approach to writing. Just be you and people will admire and respect your authenticity. This gives readers a refreshing break from all of the corporate speak, and gives them an opportunity to connect with you.

Showing The Team

Including photos of important team members, store pets, or the family that keeps you motivated to keep going every day is a great way for customers to become acquainted with you. Also, taking pictures of you and the team “on the job” is an exciting opportunity for your prospects to take a glance behind the scenes of your operation. 

If you really want to go above and beyond, you could also include a video that showcases your brand’s story, values, and team members in the workplace. Here’s an example of a video I used as inspiration for this article:


Connecting and building trust with your prospects is the primary goal of your About Us page. It is also your opportunity to position yourself as an expert in your niche, and let your prospects get to know you and your team. Including a CTA to join your eNewsletter at the end of your page will help increase customer loyalty and retention. Most importantly, remember to be yourself! 

Do you need help with your About Us page? Contact Atlas Vision today so we can help you put your best foot forward!

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