Want to stand out as a shining example among your peers?
Or maybe you just need to present yourself as the best version of you for your clients & that’s ok too!

Here’s a few examples of how we can help you get to the top of your game.
These examples showcase our ability to write creatively with an experiential sense but more importantly, in a way that highlights your business & influences prospects to move one step closer to Buy Now!


Iron Age Guitar Accessories

Blog Article “Are Guitar Picks Necessary”

  • 900 Word article, keyword researched, SEO optimized
  • Includes tracking code for small promotion to track effectiveness
  • Passive traffic & sales generation

Foundational Content Article (Cornerstone Content)

  • SEO Optimized Ranking in Google’s top 5 for target keyword (med difficulty/24k monthly search volume)
  • Definitive guide that encompasses the product niche, 2000+ words evergreen content
  • Drives major traffic & boosts SEO site-wide through internal linking strategy

Product Category Description (LED Guitar Killswitch)

  • SEO Optimized Ranking #1 on google for target keyword
  • 300 Word description showcases technical specifications & key benefits
  • Includes internal linking to relevant articles for shared SEO benefit

Product Description (Medusa Stone Plectrum)

  • Theme based on mythology. Sells an idea & paints an appealing image in the customers mind that goes beyond technical specifications.
  • SEO Optimized with 350+ word description to maximize searchable content
  • Unique description that’s tailored to the brand voice & image

Product Reviews (Automated w/ 2000+ Reviews)

  • Builds trust & boosts credibility
  • We can recreate our reviews system to obtain similar results for you
  • Couples with a loyalty program to keep customers coming back for more


Knowledge Base Articles

Other examples are the articles you can find right here on our own blog:
Copywriting vs. Content Writing” & “What is Direct Response Copywriting?

  • These have keyword research, competitive analysis, & on-page optimizations applied throughout.
  • These articles will continue to grow in number & start to cast a wider net in terms of organic search potential.
  • The result will be to increase our authority in the field by showcasing our knowledge, providing tips for businesses in the industry, and increasing our credibility to the point of expertise.

We can do the same for you.


Want to see more? 

We practice what we preach.
All the resources & text you see on this website has been injected with the principles of marketing, sales, and advertising.
You can see the way we’ve optimized our homepage, how we’ve written our blogs, the way we’ve implemented calls to action, and so forth.

If you’re ready to add some flair to your website, polish it up, and increase your conversions,
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This isn’t just for aesthetics, or to show how “creative & artsy” we are as writers (although important), we’re business people too. We look forward to providing a transformational service that will level up your operation, land you more sales, & keep your clients coming back for more.

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