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Revolutionizing The Resin Art World: How Kaotic Artworks is Breaking the Mold

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Executive Summary

Justin was having an issue with low traffic despite his successes on social media (Instagram).  The website was also “bare-bones” & displayed on a single page.

We implemented our Parthenon Foundational Package which included x4 SEO optimized blog articles, a website optimization package, and an e-mail marketing package.

Here were the results after just 30 days:

Kaotic Artworks - Bringing Chaos To Life Through Art

Kaotic Artworks was established as an e-commerce brand  in 2019 but Justin (Owner) has been creating resin art for over 20 years. They offer mind-blowing resin materials for the maker community & one-of-a-kind art pieces.

His resin art has been used by other makers to create all sorts of products ranging from EDC gear, knife handles, pistol grips, resin rings, guitars, & even guitar picks.

They are on the cutting edge of handcrafted resin materials that walk a fine line between art & business.


Kaotic Artworks was not receiving as much search traffic as they would like despite being in business for several years now. The majority of their traffic was coming from social media, however because of the direction of algorithms, were seeing less & less engagement.

As for the website, Justin said “I did the best I could with a template” and the site was indeed minimal. The website served its core purpose for e-commerce but there was some best practices being left out, specifically related to content, SEO, and conversion optimization.

The final issue was related to e-mail & social media. Instagram, where they are most active,  is becoming more saturated by the day so we needed a way to capture that traffic. The goal was to achieve a sense of independence & agency by diversifying marketing channels. We needed to start building an e-mail list ASAP!

“It makes me mad because in a world with a TikTok and an Instagram why should they be the same. Innovation is an antiquated idea in the social media game. Be the best you. Not a half assed someone else”

This is a sentiment many other e-commerce brands are facing today as they’re caught in the crossfire of a battle between TikTok & Instagram. The media biases are evident in the algorithm & control for our minds is also at stake.

Below is a rundown of the  issues we had to tackle for this project:

  • Improve Search Visibility & Traffic
    Kaotic Artworks built their business off of Social Media, mainly Instagram but their website was nowhere to be found on the search engine result pages. We had to start getting them some organic search traffic.
  • Improve Overall Function Of The Website
    The website needed more content, & we felt that it could use more personalization to showcase the values that Kaotic Artworks stands for. Since there was essentially no search optimization in place, we had a lot of research & optimization to put in place.
  • Implement E-Mail Marketing
    E-mail was not actively being used as a marketing channel & we saw how this could not only generate new leads from interested parties, but also increase sales. We needed to impement new sign-up forms & write some email automations to have this channel working around the clock for Justin.


Kaotic Artworks found us through our e-commerce brand, Iron Age Guitar Accessories. We had previously purchased some of their amazing materials to make our products.

We then offered to help with their current website after doing a quick audit & recommending a plan of action.

Our Parthenon Package was put in place which focuses on e-commerce fundamentals such as traffic, conversion, & retention.


What was included:

We created a blog page for Justin & crafted x4 SEO optimized articles which began generating search impressions within a week. 

Shortly after, we sent him a questionnaire in order to determine the values & direction of his brand. The answers were used to write a custom About Us page which showcased their values, vision and unique selling proposition.

Next we re-structured the website by creating a total of 4 additional pages. The home page was also re-arranged to include more written content centered around their ideal customers and the entire domain was search engine optimized.

Finally we implemented e-mail marking by adding a pop up, sign up forms throughout the site, and set up their automations like a welcome e-mail.


The work as completed over the course of 2 weeks & implemented all at once in order to start tracking everything from a single date. 

Other than the questionnaires & authorizing delegate access to their website, the rest of the work was hands-off for the Kaos Krew.

Here’s what Justin’s daughter who’s a big part of the business said when asked about the results:

“Amazing! I feel like it has so much more personality than it did 😃”
-Kaos Kiddo

The results were tracked using analytics provided by GoDaddy & Google Webmaster Tools then measured after 30 days of implementation:

December 24, 2022 to January 24, 2023

The Numbers:

  • Generated 57,000 Search Impressions on Google
  • Started with an average rank position of 25.8 on the first day & ended with 8.5 – The average for the 30 day period was 6.4
  • Increased Site Visitors by 62% compared to previous 30 day period (1061 to 1721)
  • Increased E-mail Subscriber Count by 47% (36 to 50)
  • Increased Sales by 81% compared to previous 30 day period

Before & After

Attached are the photos of the website upon starting & when we finished working on it. The website started out as a single page & was expanded to 5 pages which now included: About Us, Blog, Contact Us, & a dedicated Shop page.

See the website for yourself at: www.KaoticArtworks.com

Kaotic Artworks - Before
Kaotic Artworks - Before
Kaotic Artworks - After
Kaotic Artworks - After

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