AI Marketing Is Unethical

At the mark of the new year, Artificial Intelligence is currently trending in the artists, music, and marketing communities of YouTube and Instagram. There is an air of hopelessness in the comment sections, as these creatives question the security of their futures and defend their right to make money with their craft. Within my own niche, copywriting, I hear many optimistic points of view, like the touting of AI Content bots like Jasper, claiming that it is simply a tool that will innovate the industry to assist copywriters. But what the Marketing industry’s leading influencers have yet to point out what the collective majority is really thinking. So entertain me, the weary pessimist, as I acknowledge the downfalls and consequences of AI, and finally, how you can support humanity in its quest to maintain its intelligence, creativity, and genuinity in the age of AI Marketing.

AI Marketing

Downsides of AI Generated Content

There are some (apparently, not so) obvious fallbacks of artificial intelligence as it currently stands in early 2023. Modern AI content is painfully repetitive and rushed. They say your product can be done quick, cheap, or good. And Ai content is fast, cheap, yet severely lacking in quality. 

The original purpose of a blog was to have informative intent. Answers to problems, daily updates, and connecting with your readers. Nowadays, nobody reads anymore, but search engine bots will rank your site higher if it has more content, so many businesses and major corporations (like Walmart and Guitar Center) use AI to make bot generated content for bots to read, and people who are actually looking for the answers to solve their problems are left in the dust to read 1st grade comprehension level articles foraged from the scrapings of already diluted information. This new system reeks of the dead internet theory

The Consequences of AI Marketing Content:

While AI may be efficient in the short term, it lacks foresight into potential risks for the future of content creation, trustworthy information, and human intelligence.

Content Inscest

In his book, “The Best of No B.S.” Dan Kennedy refers to what is called “Marketing Inscest” Which occurs when bad practices are copied by others, creating an echo chamber that diminishes the quality and expectations of an industry. Basically, it’s the blind leading the blind. In this context, I will refer to it as “Content Iscest.”  Because it is destined to occur not only in the marketing world, but in every industry affected by AI. The standard for what is considered acceptable diminishes every time somebody posts an AI generated picture, article, or blog. Don’t enable bad practices, push the boundaries and show others in your industry what’s possible. Just because it works for them doesn’t mean that it cannot be done better and that you cannot be the one to pave the way for higher standards of creativity, content, and information.

Does No One Value Truth Anymore?

The value of truth has been diminishing since I was a child in grade school. We were encouraged to cite our sources, and give credit where it’s due. But AI cannot be fact checked. Where does AI get its facts from? How does it discern truth? While their intentions may be good, anyone who uses AI content is simply being lazy, and clearly does not value truth for himself nor the future of humanity.

Human Intelligence: Worse Than Ever

Use your brain. As if human laziness wasn’t bad enough, we are now getting to a point where the computer can basically think for us. Spell Checker, predictive typing, suggested responses… All of these services eliminate the need for us to think deeply. I am not saying that you should stop using these tools. I am saying that you should be aware and take responsibility for your mind and the external dangers to it.


Lensa AI Art

I actually really like this one. 

How To Keep Content Good and For the People

Maybe AI Marketing tactics are just a new trend to make a quick buck. Or maybe they are the beginning of a new AI controlled era. Regardless, The world is in motion and there is nothing you or I can do about it. Tweeting the Elongated Muskrat pleading him to end AI won’t stop it. Boycotting it won’t stop it. Rioting in the streets won’t stop it. The only thing we control is ourselves. We can promise ourselves to maintain our values, continue to improve our skills, and to be a positive influence on others by writing and sharing man-made content.

1. Maintain Your Values

If you value the truth, an individual’s right to make money off of their skills, and in raising the standard of quality for content and human creativity, stand by those values. Don’t sacrifice them for the convenience and novelty of AI Marketing.

2. Never Stop Improving Your Skills

Art, writing, song and dance are the epitome of human experience. I hope that even in a time where an AI can outperform humans, the human will never cease to challenge and dedicate themselves to their skill or craft of choice. 

3. Write your own content

While writing your own content is more time consuming, it maintains the writer to reader connection and interaction. The unique voice and style of an individual cannot be replicated by a bot, whose style is uniform and can instantly be identified when used. Human written content is relatable, immersive, and more trustworthy. 

If you do not have the time to write your own content, hiring a writer is a great way to get a skilled producer of wit and originality who understands you, your customer, and your brand, to make content that is loved equally by Google bots and humans alike!

AI Marketing - Elon Musk


AI Marketing is unethical because it devalues truth, honest work, and human creativity. AI Marketing is also not as convincing or high quality when compared to the blogs and copy written by people. While the future of society doesn’t look so good, we can always stay true to our values and continue to improve as individuals regardless of the direction of the marketing industry. If you support humans and human written content, Atlas Vision creates unique, well researched, and persuasive content that not only ranks high but is informative, and entertaining to the reader. What do you think about using AI for marketing? Do you agree or disagree with the points made?

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