About Us

Our Story:

The Atlas Vision team started out as Iron Age Guitar Accessories, a luxury brand specializing in hand-crafted guitar plectrums & LED Kill-switches.

Of all the parts that went into building a successful business, SEO was clearly a vital player in increasing our reach to clients, and bringing in the money that supported us. We enjoyed the slow trek up the search rankings and learned so much about writing and persuasion on the way, we decided to dedicate ourselves to sharing our knowledge of marketing and SEO-optimized content writing for others looking for a leg up in the developing digital markets.

When you pick Atlas Vision, you are choosing tried and true methods for increasing traffic to your site, building authority in your industry, and getting more sales!

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“We decided to dedicate ourselves to sharing our knowledge of marketing and SEO-optimized content writing  for others looking for a leg up in the developing digital market.”

Our Team:

Alex AVM

Alex (Founder)

I'm an Entrepreneur since 2015 & consider myself a jack-of-all -trades. I know what it takes to build a business from the ground up & keep things running smoothly. I like to theorize, problem solve, and discover what makes things tick.
USMC Veteran 2008-2013 MOS: 6332 Aircraft Avionics Technician
INTJ Personality Type

Emma AVM

Emma (Co-Founder)

An avid reader who loves to write & ponder. Getting to the core of the issue & distilling the truth of the matter is my strength. When it comes to marketing, I’m all about observing trends & providing fresh perspectives.
Currently studying music & learning guitar, piano, & music theory.
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Our Mission

Atlas Vision is focused on generating organic search traffic, boosting your sales, & building your authority through SEO-optimized content & copywriting services. We currently serve the e-commerce industry & specialize in guitar-related products.

We have years of experience copy and content writing for our own business (Iron Age Guitar Accessories). Through this experience we have developed a level of expertise where we are confident we can also help your business stand out, attract new customers, & generate more sales. These are just some of the benefits you can expect when you choose Atlas Vision to write your company’s copy:

  • Generate Organic Search Traffic
  • Craft Strategic Digital Assets
  • Attract Your Ideal Clients
  • Expand Your Online Presence
  • Optimize Your Site For Conversions
  • Build Topical Authority In Your Niche
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Our Experience & Background:


Self-employed since 2015 with the creation of Iron Age Guitar Accessories. So we know what it takes to start from the ground up & generate results.

Reading & Writing

We specialize in writing engaging descriptions that persuade clients to buy! We've read & digested countless books, videos, & articles relating to copy, business, and marketing. We put everything we know into practice.


Currently running a successful e- commerce store in a music & luxury niche. We're trailblazers in our space & set the bar for others to follow.

Search Engine Optimization

Writing a great article is half the battle! Getting people to actually find it is where SEO comes in. We understand the inner machinations of on-page SEO. The result is a website that readers and search engines will love!

Marketing & Sales

This is the lifeblood of any business. We produce weekly marketing campaigns for Iron Age & often use personal selling to close clients on custom products.

Problem Solving

From troubleshooting electrical systems on multi-million dollar aircraft, to traversing the landscape of solopreneurship. We are resourceful & geared to finding creative solutions.

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